Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Free LDS Printables

I've said this numerous times in multiple places, but I just want to say it again:
It's really important to hang uplifting pictures and messages on our walls.

You see your walls a lot.  You walk past them every day.  You might as well make them useful.  When you surround yourself with beautiful pictures and uplifting messages it has an impact on your attitude and mood.  Like say, your 3 year old colors a mural in crayon in the living room, you're going to be pretty cranky about it.  But if, instead, you have an uplifting quote framed and displayed in your living room think about how much happier you'll be!

I suggest getting an 8x10 frame that you really like and finding a spot on your wall that you'll see every day.  Then print out your favorite quotes, sayings, artwork, printables, whatever, and display it in the frame.  Then when you feel like you've seen it enough, switch it for your new favorite!  It's lots of fun to have something in your decor that you can change whenever you feel like it.  Plus, I'm serious about being in a better mood when you surround yourself with goodness.

We have a bunch of free 8x10" printables, some made by us and some by the awesome Caroline at Mormon Mommy Blogs.  We also have a bunch of printables that you can buy for super cheap that will come with an 8x10" and 5x7" file so you have an option in printing.

Come by and get some great LDS printables - you'll be happy you did.

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