Monday, September 10, 2012

Last Minute FHE Ideas

Are you scrambling for a last minute Fame Home Evening idea?  Here are a few suggestions you might find helpful:

 Check out this week's FHE idea on the yourLDSradio blog, it's about recognizing other people's feelings and opportunities for service.  And you can get our "Feelings Bingo" game to play as a family for part of the lesson!
Discuss the importance of temples, and their function.  Use our "I Love to See the Temple" file folder game to ask questions at the end - when someone answers correctly they get to place a piece of the game on until the entire temple has been constructed!

Have a quick discussion about how we need to practice "Sinking our Sin" and then play this game as teams.  It's pretty much a printable version of Battleship, but the ships are each assigned a sin like swearing or lying.  See which team can eliminate these bad habits first!

Teach your children the importance of good friends.  There are qualities both nice and not so nice when choosing someone to hang out.  Our "Fishy Friends" printable card game covers some of those qualities and is a fun way to cover the topic of choosing good friends!

If you already have a lesson planned and are just looking for something to kick up the fun factor, check out our huge selection of free coloring pages.  These cover a number of different topics, so you're sure to find what you're looking for!

Happy Monday, and I hope you find the right lesson and activity to enjoy with your family tonight!

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La Michelle said...

Hi, what happened to the feelings bingo? Thanks