Friday, July 20, 2012

Freebie Friday: Toddler Travel Bingo

'Tis the season for roadtrips so we have one our favorite travel games for the freebie this week!

To get the Toddler Travel Bingo printable game for free just click on the pdf icon under the preview image in our shop.

(If you put it in your cart, you'll be charged - there is this ongoing struggle between good, which is me, and evil, which is our coupon codes not working, but SOMEDAY we'll get back to doing our freebies like normal because good always triumphs over evil.  right?)


Richard C. Lambert said...
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Richard C. Lambert said...

Parts of speech bingo - The teacher gives a clue for a part of speech ("a verb beginning with T", etc.) and students must find the square with a matching word. online bingo