Monday, June 18, 2012

FHE Idea: Assignment Charts

I don't know what it's like at your house, but here my kids aren't so good at taking turns.  They either fight about who's turn it is, or who's turn it's not.  And when no one can remember who had the last turn or which order the turns came - - you can just pretty much bundle the whole taking turns thing into a neat little package and dumb it in the river.

Hopefully people know how to take turns in your family, but in case you want a little extra help when it comes to FHE, try one of our charts!

Basically it goes like this:
• Everyone in the family has a specific "piece" (it's different with each chart)
• There are five FHE tasks that can be assigned: opening prayer, music, lesson, closing prayer, and treats.
• Attach each person's piece to their assigned task.
• After FHE is over, switch the assignments.

An FHE chart does a couple things.  No one can fight about who's turn it is, because the family can just refer to the assignments.  And kids can get prepared and be excited all week, because the chart is there to remind them!

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