Friday, May 11, 2012

Freebie Friday and HUUUUUGE NEWS!

Guess what?!!!  WE DID IT.  We updated our site!  It only took us what - 2 1/2 months?  And honestly, there are still some behind the scenes things to update still. But, MOSTLY, it's done!  And you can see it now!!!

There are a couple cool new features to the new shop:

1- You don't have to register to purchase - - just check out as a guest.

2- Free downloads are available right on the product description page, so there's no checking out AT ALL.  Just click on the pdf icon and the file is yours!

3- We have MORE FREE STUFF now.  Really.

4- It's easier to share products to linkedin, google+, and facebook.

5- The biggest and best new thing is that we'll be semi-partnering with Mormon Mommy Blogs!!  That means that we'll be working together to provide some amazing free printables, and we'll have direct links to each other so that you guys have access to double awesomeness!  OH YEA.

And now onto the freebie!

In celebration of the updated shop we're going to give away a brand new file folder game FOR FREE.

For a limited time you can get the Build a Bug file folder game using our new free products method.

To get the free game just click on the pdf icon under the preview image of the Build a Bug file folder game.  The pdf will open right there in your browser where you can choose to print right away or save to your computer.  It's super easy!

Share the deal with your facebook friends right there on the product page.  Let everyone know how much you like the new and improved Green Jello with Carrots shop!


Megan said...

GREAT NEWS! Yea for getting the new site up to speed. I like the new format! :) Thank you for your hard work!

Megan said...

Thank you!! I love your file folder games!!

Anonymous said...

I love this ! So much easier to download file folders! Thank you so much !!! :) You guys are awesome !

Becca said...

Thanks for the freebie! It's super cute.

Liz Szilagyi said...

I'm new to your site (and super excited about it). Is the Friday Freebie only Free on Friday? I'm assuming so, but it's Saturday and I'm really wishing I could figure out how to download this for free. Please let me know if I'm too late or just too download illiterate.