Thursday, April 26, 2012

And Nothing Shall Offend Them: BYU Women's Conference

I decided not to walk anywhere (there are too many stairs here) and stayed in the same classroom.  I wasn't planning on coming to this class, but I found it to be extremely great.  I'm so glad I was too lazy to walk somewhere else.

These are my favorite parts of this class:

"Don't down another quart of pickle juice."  Forgive and be happy.  And have a non-sour pickley mouth and heart.

Holding resentment for things that are small and sometimes stupid is just petty.  Just because someone does something that you don't like, you need to "grow up and forget it" (Pres. Packer said that).  God wants us to be the happiest people on earth, but we can't do that if we're hanging onto grudges.

How to forgive:

1- Recognize that it is a choice.  You can replace pickle juice with forgiveness.  It's not imposed on us - we have the power to choose how to respond.  If we allow ourselves to be filled with hate and anger, we are letting Satan bring us down.

2- Fill our hearts with charity.  Pray for charity every day and every night, every day.  Pray for charity for those who have offended you.  Pray to have charity so you can forgive them and not hang onto your anger.

3- Allow the atonement to heal our hearts.  It is only through Christ that we can overcome feelings of anger, hurt, and resentment.

Think of ourselves on a journey.  Instead of going on a plane, we're all passengers on earth.  We get to choose what we want to bring with us when we reach our destination.  What do we choose to take?  Resentment and bitterness?  Or a life full of happiness and forgiveness?  It's a good question.  Did Imention that I really liked this class?

Goal: Forgive always (that's a hopeful word, but it sounds better than forgive when you can manage it - although that's what my real goal is).

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