Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Good Deeds. Great Needs.

I'm always wishing for ways to help the less fortunate.  I may whine and complain about my small house, or only having one car, or the high costs of buying winter coats for 4 kids, but the truth is - I HAVE those things, when a lot of people don't even have a place to call home.

Join with us in helping those who have less than ourselves with a few super simple and quick actions.

Good Deeds: Great Needs is an initiative to provide support for Covenant House, a non-profit organization that provides hearty meals, warm beds, and safe shelter to homeless youth. They are partnering with Gift Card Giver, an Atlanta-based organization that collects unused gift cards and distributes remaining balances to non-profit organizations, who will be donating all gift cards collected through Good Deeds: Great Needs to Covenant House. Also, in support of the initiative, Lionsgate has agreed to make a financial donation in support of Covenant House each time the Good Deeds:Great Needs video is shared through this website:

There are 4 things you can do participate in the Good Deeds: Great Needs project:

1- Go to and watch the preview of Tyler Perry's new movie, Good Deeds.

2- After you watch the preview, use their share buttons to post a link on facebook, twitter, blogger, wordpress, etc.  They haven't quite reached their goal of 1500 shares, so post it everywhere!

3- Make a pledge or commit to help by clicking the link in the sidebar of  You just leave your name and email address, letting them know you plan on helping as soon as you have a giftcard ready to give.

4-  Take all of your leftover gift cards (you know, the ones you have a couple bucks just sitting on, because it's not worth going back to the store and finding an item worth $2.37) and write on the back how much is left on it. Put your card in an envelope with a note that say "Good Deeds: Great Needs" and then send to:
Gift Card Giver
PO Box 17920
Atlanta, Georgia 30316

See how easy it is to help?!

And now I'm off to locate all my unwanted giftcards to mail in (because I'm totally on top of things and have already shared the link a few times)!

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2busy said...

That's a great idea! Think I can convince my kids to part with their left over gift cards, too? That might be stretching it...