Friday, December 9, 2011

giveaway winners!

Thanks to my lovely friend,, I have giveaway winners to announce!  yay.  wooohooo. 

The winners are as follows:

My LDS Memories Free photobook: Angie Center

Not My Type autographed novel: Christine

MissyB Crocheted Lovey Bear: Bridget

MyMemories scrapbook software: My Life as a Real Housewife

Luxe Baby Boutique pink baby shoes: Megan

Sew Tuti leggings: Cupcake Mama, Romero, Heather, and Sarah Cool

Happy Little Artist SLC Temple print: Shirley Fin

Congrats to our winners!  You should all be receiving an email from me within the next 24 hours, and I will also be passing along your contact info to the companies sponsoring the giveaways.


I wanted to say, sorry we're going to be skipping Freebie Friday again this week.  Last week, I just plain forgot that it was friday (which is pretty much the lamest excuse ever) and this week we're skipping it because:

a) We just gave away a bunch of free stuff anyway.


b) We're really busy getting ready for next week, because next week is going to be bursting with awesome deals and new products, with a new deal each day!  So make sure to start checking our blog (or just sign up for the newsletter) starting on Monday, because each deal is going to be good for 1 day only!


Megan said...

oooh new product - can't wait to see it all!! :D

Bridget said...

Thank you!