Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Deals DAY TWO: The 2012 Primary Theme!

A new year approaching means a whole new Primary theme - Choose the Right.  So we've engineered our Day Two of Christmas Deals to be all about Primary!  (Make sure and check out all the parts of this deal.)

FIRST: Our entire Primary section will be 30% off all day (but only today).  No need to use codes, the discount is already applied!

SECOND: We have 13 BRAND NEW products to go along with the 2012 Primary theme!  So make sure to throw them in your cart while you're getting the discount.

There are two major styles to choose from.  With the first style, you can get: Teacher Binder Covers, Presidency Binder Covers, Monthly Theme Posters, Assignment Cards, Birthday Pencil Toppers, and Participation Pencil Toppers.

The second style features CTR Superheros with: Bookmarks, Badges, Classroom Door Signs, a Binder Cover, an Activity Chart, and Clipart.

And we also have a completely planned FHE lesson with a printable CTR Domino game to go along with it!

THIRD: Don't miss the giveaway!

 I think that some of you missed out on seeing that we were totally giving away something spectacular, but you have to comment on the DAY ONE post to enter.  So yeah, GO ENTER.  And stuff.

Check back tomorrow for day three of our Christmas Deal Week!


HighDesertGal said...

We need multi racial super ctrs.

deal blog said...

You have great stuffs on here! I like the hero bookmarks..sooo cute!

Anonymous said...

I would like to use your superhero clipart for an upcoming FHE. I've clicked on the image, but the Etsy page isn't finding it...? Is there another preferred way for me to use your clipart? Thanks! tess.m.hampton@gmail.com