Thursday, November 24, 2011

go see The Muppets

If you're like a lot of families in the US, you like to gather everyone for a big Thanksgiving dinner, and then once everyone has been sufficiently stuffed, the whole family heads to the movies! 

But it's really hard to figure out which movie to see, right?  Because it needs to be something the kids can watch, but the adults want to be entertained too.  But this year, the choice is EASY, you should watch The Muppets.

Last week I got to take my kids to see a special screening of The Muppets movie and IT WAS AWESOME. 

Through the whole movie the kids were laughing, and I was laughing, and we only had to leave the theater for ONE potty break.  Overall, I would consider it an excellent experience.  But my very favorite part about the whole movie was that it was filled with good clean humor. 

Basically, the movie is about a couple of brothers who have to convince Kermit to convince the rest of the gang to get back together to put on a big show to save their studio.  Except that they keep getting told that people don't want to watch outdated shows like The Muppets anymore because society only likes violence and vulgarity.  But in the end the Muppets prove that they weren't so out of date after all, and that people still appreciate singing chickens and Animal's drumming, and a banjo playing frog that sings about rainbows. 

Which I think is an excellent message.

The Muppets movie proves that a show doesn't have to be filled with violence and vulgarity to be entertaining - clean humor isn't antiquated and unwanted, it's just rare.

So, if you're taking your family to see a movie after you're done with the turkey and pie, go see The Muppets - you're going to love it!

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