Saturday, October 29, 2011

I've been slacking a little on the awesome stuff so this week is extra SUPER awesome.

First of all, have you heard this cd yet?  Probably not because it's BRAND NEW.   And I'm really excited about it because I've noticed a big response from my kids according to what music we play and it's hard finding something this peaceful.

All Through the Night is comprised of different lullabies played on the flute and harp.  I wanted to tell you my favorite song, but I couldn't decide between "Goodnight My Someone" and "Stay Awake".  On their website you can buy the CD or download individual MP3 tracks.  You can also hear a sample of the music just in case you don't really believe me on it's awesomenicity  (although I don't know why you'd ever doubt me).

This blog is funny.  Well, it's funny if you HAVE kids.  Or HAVE HAD kids.  Or just LIKE kids even if you don't have any.  And you can enter your own funny kid picture.  And sometime win contests.

The "Spooky Symphonies" Pandora station is rad (if you like scary movie music, which I do).  I'm listening to it RIGHT NOW.  See, here's a screenshot:

And YES, that's a Jonas Brothers station on my list of saved stations - IT'S FOR MY THIRD GRADER, OK.  ok.  Glad we cleared that up.  And if you've never tried Pandora (I don't know anyone who hasn't though) I also recommend the Mormon Tabernacle station and I have one titled "Kenneth Cope Radio" that I also enjoy, and which is more appropriate for this blog (but whatever, it's almost Halloween and I'm listening to scary music).

You can win $2500 at Leelou Blogs  if you tell her all about the mom hero you look up to and get the most votes for your answer.  (See official rules here.)  And the contest ends November 4th, so go.  GO NOW.  Well wait, finish reading this post first, and THEN GO.

I crocheted this pumpkin hat while I was laying around after my surgery and put the pattern in my etsy shop.  And I know that it's a little bit late for Halloween, it's still a fun Thanksgiving hat, or you can use the basic hat pattern with different colors just to make a fun ridged hat.

Also, if you order this pattern from my etsy shop and use the code: PUMPKIN  you're going to get 40% off.  So yeah, do you want one?

I think I mentioned this before, but I started a new blog called Peonies and Poppyseeds with my friend Caroline (from Casual Blogger Community and The Bingham Diaries) where we post tutorials, recipes, free printables and general cool crap you can do at home.  The Halloween treat box is just the most recent free printable we've posted.  So come on over and check it out.  And leave us comments.  And like us on facebook.  And download our free printables.  All we ask is that you LOVE US.  So yeah, it's basically no different than here.  :)

Speaking of LOVING US, have you noticed that we're almost to 1000 facebook fans?!  As I write this we have 960 people who "like" us.    When we reach 1000 we're going to have an appreciative great big huge giveaway.  So go tell your friends to like us, and then we can have our giveaway sooner rather than later.  (HURRY - I've never been good at waiting!!!)

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