Thursday, September 8, 2011

people are jerkfaces

So, I don't know if you've noticed; our homepage has been hacked.  The rest of the pages on our site are ok, so you can still get to the shop, but the homepage?  Yeah, it's all hackery.

It took me over an hour to figure out a way to access our backend again because the jerkface hacker changed the password.

And then I spent another 2 hours combing through code and server stuff trying to figure out what was going on.

It turns out I'm just not geek enough to figure this out.  I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO FIX IT.

So, until I can get a hold of the tech support people (who should have more convenient work hours, for crying out loud) just steer clear of our homepage.  Just go straight to the shop, ok?

Oh, and I'm not posting a freebie friday deal.

At least not right now.

Maybe later.

(Probably not.)

Because I'm tired and angry and really really busy plotting theoretical revenge on whoever hacked our site.


p.s. Before the hacking stress, I put some new Young Women Manual 3 handouts online.  Just so you know.


Caroline said...

DUDE. Wish I could help you, but that is definitely out of my league. :(

Megan said...

hope you get help figuring technical stuff out and less stressed.