Sunday, July 24, 2011

I haven't been spending much time surfing the internet lately, but here are a few cool things I've either been shown or found this week:

Helaman Gallery is a new site where you can download some amazing temple photography.  The downloads are 5x7 files that you can print at home or upload to any online photo printing service.  The best part is, all the files are FREE!  And if you feel like showing your appreciation for such a great service, you can donate by using the button on the Helaman Gallery sidebar.  (All the money donated goes towards Kiva loans in Latin America.)

LDS Parenting is a brand new blog that is devoted to everything about being a great mom (or dad).  From easy lunch ideas to kid friendly crafts to instilling positive character traits in your children, you'll be able to read a range of topics at LDS Parenting.  And because the site has just launched you'll be able to see a variety of new subjects emerge, as well as possibly suggesting your own great parenting ideas.

Veronica, at Local Community Hotspots, is starting a fabulous new series about digi-scrapping her summer photos.  Because that's what happens when you take thousands of pictures by mid-July (or hundreds, or even 5; the number of pictures isn't what's important, it's the memories you've captured that counts).  Follow Veronica while she continues her series, and keep up with your own digi-scrapping by using MyMemories Suite digital scrapbooking software (Veronica has a code to get HALF OFF the software making is super duper tremendously awesomely affordable!)

Tomorrow I'm going to show the Seven Awesome Kids youtube channel to my 8 and 6 year old, and you can bet that after that all we'll hear from them is how much they neeeeeed their own camera to make their own videos.  To which I'll say, "I GET ONE FIRST!"

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