Friday, June 24, 2011

Love for Slater - there's still time to help!

We'll still be donating 100% of our proceeds to Love for Slater until midnight on Saturday (the 25th).  THERE IS STILL TIME FOR YOU TO HELP!

We've been getting updates on Slater's condition (Melanie is facebook friends with Slater's mom) and it's been slow and painful, but things are possibly looking better.  Slater is awake now and but he has been having major "neuro storms" which I guess is like having all of your senses go into overload all at the same time.  (Sometimes when I'm stressed out I kind of feel like my senses are going crazy so I can't even imagine how horrible it would be to have an actual "storm" going on.  Especially for a 5 year old boy who isn't even old enough to understand everything that's happening to him.) 

But in the midst of everything Slater's mom had something positive to say:
"I am sorry this update comes a day late. I was visiting Heaven yesterday. Oh, I've been there before but never really appreciated it like I do now. Heaven was being able to watch Slater hold up two fingers for the doctors. Heaven was holding him in my arms and caressing his little broken head. Heaven was watching the tube being pulled from his throat a day early. Heaven was hearing my child, with his raspy voice call me MOM. Heaven is wherever my children are. There was a time I wished Heaven away. The times I mopped the kitchen floor for the upteenth time because of someones sticky popcicle drool, or sat down on a toilet seat after one of my boys have used it.....hearing them chuckle as I yell at them to wipe the seat off next time, or tripping over their shoes laying next to the shoe basket. Why are those Heaven moments for me? Because it would mean Slater was home. It would mean my kids are all under one roof. I would gladly mop the floor again right now if it meant Slater was home sneaking another popcicle. All that hard work means something to me now. It means my kids are home and safe around me. So, now I look for Heaven everywhere. And recognize when I am smack dab in the middle of it..praising God that he allowed me to feel a little bit of Heaven.."

So what we ask of you now is to please PLEASE help us raise more money for Slater's medical bills.  We've had a lot of people order this week, but it's just not enough!  Money is the last thing that family needs to worry about right now - they have much more important things to occupy their thoughts.

We want to make a huge difference for this family, but we can't do it without you!  Every penny, dollar, nickel, EVERY ORDER counts.  Tell your friends.  Email your families.  Help us get people ordering so we can donate as much as possible.  PLEASE!


Diane said...

I just found your site and heard about Slater. I know I'm too late to order, but is there something else I can do? Prayers are ongoing.

Melanie said...

Diane, you can still follow the link and donate to the fundraiser!