Monday, May 16, 2011

just when you least expect it

Sometimes life is like, "Yo, here's a curveball.....catch!"

Basically, my family is moving.  Unexpectedly.  In a couple of weeks. 

Which means we'll be needing to pay a deposit on the new place, plus first & last month rent, plus the cost of a moving truck, plus the wishful thinking that all of this is a really just a vivid dream that I'll wake from any second.  (If I could also wake up skinny, and with good hair, that would also be great.)

As it is, this is me, asking you, to BUY OUR STUFF!!!  Lots of it.  And to help sway you in the way of purchasing (and funding my move) we're having a sale, the Life's Obnoxious Curveball Unexpected Sale or for short:

So yeah, you get 40% off all of our downloadable products.  Good deal, yeah? 

Also, you will also receive a warm feeling in your heart knowing that you'll be helping my dear, young, beautiful children use our cardboard boxes for packing instead of living an the rain....with rabid dogs.....and drug dealers......and possibly polar bears. 

(Have I guilted you into buying anything yet?)


The Matthews Family said...

I know EXACTLY what you are going through! We are moving cross country in a week! We have to pay rent in both houses, plus a $1200 deposit, plus start up costs for our new utilities, plus a moving truck and gas to move 35 hours away, plus a zillion other expenses! And my husband is in medical school so our only income is his student loans-- and we don't get extra for moving-- and we already barely make it each month! Hopefully you get a lot of downloads!

Emma m said...

Will this last until Friday? If so, then my payday will be, well, YOUR payday!!

Megan said...

yes, wondering how long this promotion will run??

Melissa Bastow said...

Um, we're not sure how long the sale will last. At least all week. (Obviously, I'm totally on top of things here, and not at all going wildly insane with stress - no, nothing like that.) But yeah, at least all week....

And also - The Matthews family have made me eternally grateful that my husband is not in medical school during this whole moving thing. (yikes - and GOOD LUCK.)