Friday, May 20, 2011

the food storage sore spot

I have this big sore spot.  And sometimes when I'm in church or reading scriptures or even watching the news, my sore spot gets nudged and bumped and sometimes, on occasion, totally flattened.  And then I have to limp along until I can manage to ignore it again.

My sore spot?  FOOD STORAGE.  And our major lack there of.

If there were a natural disaster right now, I could probably feed my family for about 4 days.  (And that's after a big shopping trip to the grocery store.)  This. worries. me.  Very much.

Through the church we've been told to get our food storage in order for years and years and years.  And even though I'm fairly certain the world isn't going to end tomorrow, it's still abundantly clear that we're living in a time when food storage and overall preparedness are a good idea.

Except how does one stock up on food when money is tight?  Budgets are small these days - for pretty much everyone.

Plus there's also the dilemma of "what can I buy that has a long shelf life and still tastes like actual food?"  Because I know there's a lot of food storage items out there that I would really have to be starving to even think about putting in my mouth (not to mention my very picky children's mouths).

You can see why it's a sore spot, right?  I mean, what's a girl to do?

Well, what about this?

eFoods Global has REAL LIVE FOOD, that actually tastes like REAL LIVE FOOD.  With the way it's prepared and packaged it has less preservatives than most food storage items, yet it still has a shelf life of 25 years and only needs boiling water to prepare.  Which I think is utter coolness. 

Plus eFoods Global has a great interactive video; it only takes a few minutes, and you get FREE FOOD at the end.  And then you can tell all your friends about getting their own FREE FOOD by taking the Food Freedom Tour (ie. watching the video).  Which is why I'm telling you now - 'cuz you're all my friends and I like you lots and lots.

Plus, I'm thinking I'm not the only one with that totally flattened food storage sore spot.

DISCLAIMER: My personal story and all text links have been sponsored by eFoods Global.


Becca said...

As I type this right after I read your food storage woes, I just turned off the burner for my pressure canner wherein lies 7 quarts of chicken. And on my table I have 11 half-pints of clarified butter cooling. To top it all off, tomorrow our Ward is holding a Food Storage social which my husband is in charge of. Why? I'm not sure. This is the first I've ever done anything like this. Oh and our dehydrator has been going on and off for days. I'm going to have to chech out what you've mentioned though. Hopefully it's cheaper than what a couple of people in my Ward are selling. Good luck with your food storage!!!

Anonymous said...

you could also check out they use wise brand food for less and they come in packages instead of number ten cans. Free delivery on long term food, 25 year shelf life! get it and forget it!

emy said...

this is a good food