Friday, February 11, 2011

Freebie Friday

Our freebie today (ending tonight at midnight MST) is buy one bingo game and get another one FREE!

Each game comes with four full color bingo cards print and a sheet of cards to print and cut apart (so the caller can draw one for everyone to mark).

These are lots of fun for FHE or when you're trying to keep your kids entertained. It's MOST fun when you use candy as your place markers so that whomever wins the game gets to eat their candy first!

To get the freebie you must:

1- Put two bingo games in your cart.

2- Make sure you're signed in.

3- Enter the code: YAHTZEE! and the discount will be applied to your cart.

FYI - the code won't work on any packages, just the individual bingo games.

And if you want to be tricky and get more than one bingo game free today, you can fool our shopping cart by checking out, then ordering AGAIN with a couple different bingo games. (Not all of our coupons are unlimited like this - but we're being nice and letting you get as many bingo games free as you want. Super nice of us, right?)

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