Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dollar Deals (day six)!

For our final dollar deal you can get any FHE Chart of Card Game for only $1!

Hang the FHE chart where everyone can see it throughout the week. Assign each person in your family either the lesson, opening prayer, closing prayer, songs or refreshments. As they look at the chart your family can remember which duty they have and get excited about FHE.

Then use the card games to help teach great values or lessons and have a fun time with your family. The cards can be played in multiples ways (memory, Old Maid, Go Fish, etc.)

Just make sure you get them before midnight and our dollar deals are officially over!

And keep in mind that we have ONE MORE $25 gift certificate to give away next week, so if you haven't entered this week, read the details above and get a chance to win $25 of downloadable products from our shop!

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