Thursday, July 15, 2010

Freebie Friday

We're having a very non-traditional freebie this week. We know a lot of you are spending your summers doing fun stuff like swimming and camping and reading provocative romance novels as you lay out on white sand beaches, so we want to reward all of you who take the time to get online and read our blog!

It's like a treasure hunt. That leads to $5.00 off any and all downloadable products!

Read each of the clues. I've included a link to the section, but you have to figure out which product is carrying the clue. (The clues are obvious, once you find the right products.) Find all 3 clues and enter them at checkout to get your $5 off!

(Here's a hint: the code is all capitals with no spaces, and you must put the 3 clues in order to make it work.)

And better yet, I'll give you two days to figure out the code and get your $5. But after saturday (midnight MST) the code will no longer be active, so don't wait too long.

Here are your clues:

1-Don't Procrastinate, get the first clue in the Wall Art section.

2-Search under the sea for the next clue in the Card section.

3- Open your mouth and find the third clue in the Singing Time section.

Good luck and happy clue hunting!!

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