Monday, June 7, 2010

NEW File Folder Game

Today you can get our new Build a Church file folder game for 20% off!!

I have a question for everyone - and if you answer I'll give you something FREEEEEEE.

The question is:

If you only saw the header on our website, does the new changes (with the tag that says 'LDS clipart') scream, "Oooooooh, click me, click me, BUY BUY BUY!!!" ?

Some people, like those not from Utah (or the U.S.), don't get the Green Jello with Carrots reference, so we're trying to make things more clear for the average internet surfer. (For comparison you can click onto any of our other pages and see how the header looked before the tag, since I haven't updated those yet.)

Leave a comment and give me your honest opinion, and make sure to include your email address so I can send you a free....something. Something GREAT....ok, I haven't decided what it will be yet.....but it's free, so why not?!


Carter's Creations said...

I do think that this will make it easier for those non utah natives to figure out what the site is all about. I happen to love both headers, but I am a veteran of Green Jello with Carrots and Funeral Potatoes. :) Keep up your great work!

Carter's Creations said...

Forgot to use my email... sorry.. it's Thanks again! Love your work!

Scattered Brain said...

I like the new tag. The words LDS Clipart are bigger and easier to see. Which make it more clear what you sell.

La Yen said...

I didn't even SEE the LDS clip art part at first because my eye was drawn to the flashy "Birthday" thing and the dark green label underneath. Maybe if you made it in a different color, or a darker khaki or something?

And I have a testimony of the gelatin/vegetable/whip cream desserts.

waldoswife at gmail

Whitney said...

I didn't see the LDS clipart part either, but I do like the new header. Maybe make the LDS clipart words bigger? I think the clipart is cute.

whitneysnow20 at

Anonymous said...

I think the LDS CLIPART is obvious for everyone to see. Bye the way, I think your stuff is amazing, fell in love first time I saw it!!

Amanda Joy said...

I think that the header is cute, but I agree that making the LDS a bolder color or bigger font would draw more attention to it. I was so excited to hear about your company and meet you at the CBC. Great work I started following you today so that I can always see your awesome new stuff.

Amanda Joy Petersen


Michelle said...

I really like the new header. I think it calls attention to just what you offer. Great to meet you at CBC BTW. Your post was hilarious!

Jewels said...

I love the new Header..I am not from Utah but I did get the green jello with carrots reference. I love your stuff by the way!!!