Monday, March 8, 2010

March Madness Deals!!!!

It's time for MARCH MADNESS at Green Jello with Carrots!! Granted we have no idea what March Madness really is (it's basketball, right) or when the real one takes place. But hey, March Madness = DEALS!! And that's what counts in the end, right?

We'll be having a great new deal every day this week (Saturday, March 13th will be the last day of deals.) I'll be announcing
them early afternoon each day, so be checking for our emails, or reading on our blog!

Today's deal is:

Just like with our Days of Chrismas deals last December, you will need to put which pages you'd like for free in the
comment box when you order. (I'm still a doofus with the shopping cart coupons, but EXCELLENT at emailing free files!!)

IMPORTANT: If you don't tell me which files to send, I'm going to choose for you.

All the free files will be emailed the following day. And there is NO CAP on how many free coloring pages you can
get. Get all 64 if you'd like!! Also - we just came out with 15 new pages, so look for those while you're shopping!

Happy March Everyone!!

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Anonymous said...

Bom Dia, eu gostaria de receber gratis a 'coloring pages' no meu email: