Friday, January 15, 2010


This week's freebie is a brand new Build a Chart. (I know we just featured these on tuesday, but this one is new, and plus it's awesome.)

Adhere the background image (of the aquarium) to a posterboard, and laminate everything. And then you have years of attachable fishy fun on your hands!

You can use these for FHE, Singing Time, in a school class, in a Primary class, anything really.

Have kids pick a fish to place on the chart - the fish can coordinate with a specific song or question or even a learning activity.

Personally, I'm going to be making my Fishtank into a "Reward for Chores" chart. I'll be printing the fish smaller (and multiple times - both things you can do with your average printer settings) dividing the fish amongst my kids and whoever gets the most of 'their' fish on the chart during the week will get some kind of prize.

I'm thinking the prize will be actual fish food. Or some shiny rocks to put on their bedroom floor for that real aquarium feel...

And you can get your Build a Chart Fishtank for FREE TODAY!! All you have to do is spend $4 in our shop, and I'll email the chart to you on saturday.

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