Wednesday, December 16, 2009

on the sixth day of Christmas...

Today's deal is a BIG one.

Buy our new HUGE CTR Package full of great things for anyone who has a child in Jr. Primary, or teaches in Jr. Primary, or wants fun CTR themed activities at home.

The package is full of great stuff: 6 bookmarks, a Bingo game, 2 coloring pages, a file folder game and 2 Primary talks!

And if you buy it today, for our Day 6 deal you'll get this:

A printable $10.00 gift certificate!

Add it to someone's stocking this year... like your sister's, or your mother-in-law's, or your great aunt Mabel's, or even your own! (It can be a gift to yourself from yourself!)

This is a super great deal, so get it before the day is over!

(We'll be emailing those gift certificates on thursday.)

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