Friday, December 4, 2009


This week's freebie is your choice of gift tags!

Just spend $4 in our shop, and leave me a note in the comment section letting me know which set you'd like.

(If you don't leave a comment, I'll just make assumptions and send you whichever set I please.)

and now...

The $5 Giveaway Winner:

Only 3 people entered our blog giveaway. THREE. 3 people. Seriously? 3?!!! You guys can do better than that. And so to show our utmost gratitude and we-like-you-ness to those 3 people who entered, we'll give you each a $5 gift certificate!


Small fry & Co.

Please email me ( your current email addresses, with the subject line of: "octopus shades and caterpillar coats" And I'll send you your $5 gift certificates!!

And thanks for entering.

As for the rest of you.... You better make it up to us by entering the big $25 giveaway drawing (for each $4 you spend you get an entry.) We'll be drawing for that on December 22, so go. Go now. Go enter.

p.s. Also be on the look-out for a fun new promotional campaign...something involving 12 and days....but I'm telling you what it is, so don't ask.

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