Monday, August 24, 2009

FHE Spotlight

If you're looking for something to do for FHE tonight, here are some ideas:

Our brand new "Missionary Clue." It's like the regular Clue game, without the murder and weapons. Lots of fun for families with kids who can read and reason.

Print everything on thick paper and you can stand them up, creating a 3-D look. The missionaries go around the board as everyone tries to figure out which family will be converted in which house and for what reason.

We have good games for little (non-reading) kids too.

Check out our new FHE Packs that include a chart to keep track of assignments like who is saying the prayer or leading the song. The pack also includes different games that teach lessons and are fun to play.

The "Little Kids Pack" includes "Reverent Charades" and "Shining Example Game" which are two games that my kids love to play for FHE (or any other time I pull them out.) The chart is also really great because it gets the kids excited about family night, and helps them learn responsibility.

We also have some FHE Packs that include the "Dress Up" file folder games. Choose the size of pack you'd like, and get enough stuff for more than one family night. (These also work great for keeping kids quiet during Sacrament Meeting.)

Among our other FHE packs are ones that include card games or scripture puzzles.

Let us know if you like having FHE ideas come in packs. Does it make planning easier? Do you like having the chart? Which is your favorite FHE Fun game? We'd love to hear what you think!


The Jongejans said...

Oh Goody Goody Goody! Thank you soo much! Watch for a big huge order from me and my ward!

Luciene said...

Melanie e Melissa, vocês são demais...
Os produtos são liiiiiiiiiindos e muito úteis.
Adoro todos os produtos!!!!
Obrigada por compartilharem seus dons e talentos...
Pena que não consegui baixar o kit para FHE... :(

Luciene said...

Os arquivos que baixei essa semana apareceram a seguinte mensagem de erro: arquivo está em formato desconhecido ou danificado.
Sniff, sniff. :(
Eu queria tanto esses arquivos... >:o
Será que poderia me mandar por e-mail:
Muuuuuuuito obrigada!!!