Friday, July 24, 2009


This week's freebie is a fun FHE chart for your whole family to use.

Everyone in your family is given their own piece (lots to choose from for this particular chart - other charts have other options) which can be placed on the chart to delegate FHE responsibilities into: lesson, opening prayer, closing prayer, songs and refreshments.

If you hang the chart where everyone can see no one has the excuse of forgetting their responsibility. It can also help get everyone excited for FHE, and teach the little ones how and when to participate.

Lots of fun. Go get one!


Luciene said...

Excuse me! I guess I do not understand ...

I can not get the fribies that provide blog.

I can only take the post this week?

What is posted before is not get free? Is that it?

Meet me by email, please?




The Jongejans said...

Just found your stuff through MMB - and I have to say it is just in time. I have been needing your products for a few months now thanks to callings as Ward Mission Leader (hubby) and Enrichment Leader (and only committee member) and now doing the RS bulletin and also programs for baptisms and oh yes its crazy!!!(Whew out of breath there!) So anyway, I'm going to be your biggest and most grateful customer!! Thanks for making such a needed and cute/chic/stylish/awesome product!