Friday, July 10, 2009


For everyone teaching a Young Women's class, this week's freebie is more handouts to go along with Manual 1.

There are two options per lesson. All handouts come as multiple images on one sheet to make printing easier for you. Because that's our job here at Green Jello with Carrots -- making your life easier. Unless it involves doing dishes or scooping your dog's poop (because we only go so far.)

So, all of you Beehive/Mia Maid/Laurel teachers, get some handouts while they're free!

(These would also work as handouts for other lessons containing the same theme, just so you know. It's not like there are the words YOUNG WOMEN plastered on them, they just follow the topics of the YW Manual. Just thought I'd mention that.)


Avonlee's Mommy said...

So it's free on Fridays? I didn't register on a Friday so I'm not sure how it works and nothing says free now so I'm just checking.

Melissa Bastow said...

Yeah, only free on fridays. Next week it will be something new, so check it out.