Friday, July 3, 2009


This week's FREEBIE is an add-on to our new file folder game "Dress Up."

When you buy the Armor of God kit you get your man (he comes in light, medium and dark skin tones.)

Then you can use this add-on kit, plus the Joseph and Missionary kits to dress your man in lot's o' different ways!

In case you don't know, File Folder games are great. Seriously folks, we wouldn't make it through Sacrament Meeting without these things. The best part is that you know your child (or in many cases, CHILDREN) are focused on something about the Gospel, which really beats doodling princess and ninjas when it comes it a quiet at-church activity. (Although doodling an "I Can Draw Book" is totally different. We don't have the ninjas at least.)

So get your Pioneer add-on today, while it's FREE! And enjoy the quiet this Sunday as your child enjoys dressing their little man.

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What a great site, I'm new but I will be back and I'll invite my friends!