Saturday, June 6, 2009

Did you notice?

Did you notice the missing buttons? The missing products? The new look of the blog?

Please tell me you noticed.

Well, guess what?!!!

The official Green Jello with Carrots website is complete!

Can I get a WHOOT WHOOT? A little wave? Some clapping? Anything?

It took me 3 whole weeks, people, I deserve at least some clapping. You know what, I'll just take all of your adoring praise of the new website. That should be enough. I GUESS.

But don't forget about our blog.

That would be a disaster.

I will still be announcing Freebie Fridays here. And spotlighting our awesomest products. And writing long posts about how you should all think it's awesome that we have a FULLY FUNCTIONING WEBSITE NOW.

Did I mention the website is done?

Well, it is.

I know - it's awesome.

I'm not done with this post though. Because it's kind of like an acceptance speech at an awards ceremony. Because the website was that. much. work.

I wouldn't have been able to do it without a little help. So many thanks to:

•Char of for answering my billions of questions.

•my host IT Team for blocking and unblocking my IP address 52,903 times

•Brian of Courtney's house (ok, Brian has a company, but I'm a horrible person and don't know it's name) for a great crash course in editing CSS code.


• my little computer mouse, which was slammed repeatedly when things didn't work out right away (or the second or third or 36th time either) and still never broke.



the MomBabe said...

Wow, it looks awesome. Way easy to navigate too. good job Melissa.


Hello, girls!
I love the blog for you, but do not speak English ... (snif, snif)
I'm using google translator to communicate with you try me!
I love everything they do ... You have much talent!
Congratulations on wonderful work they do and also to share with us!
You are beautiful!
Where are the buttons that provide access to materials of primary, girls, Relief Society. After all, where 's the materials that were here ... rsrsrs
The cat ate? rsrs
Please disponiblizem materials to us!
I love working with you!

Melissa Bastow said...

Lú, go here: