Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Young Women Value Posters

If you are in the Young Women program (or have a young woman at your house) you will want to see these.

Each of the Young Women values has it's own 8x10 poster with high quality artwork. All you have to do is download and print as many as you need for a class or for New Beginnings.

There is also a high quality 16x20 size poster featuring either the Young Women theme or all the values together.

The posters are great because if you'd like to print them large you can send the file to be printed at your most convenient location.

Some of the best prices we've found to get posters are Walmart and Costco. Here are some prices (to give you an idea):

Walmart 11x14= $4.86
Walmart 12x18= $9.84
Walmart 16x20=$11.86

the prices are better for Costco members:
Costco 11x14= $2.99
Costco 12x18= $2.99
Costco 16x20= $9.99

This artwork will help inspire the young women you know to follow the values and remember the theme. (They really fabulous - my mom did a great job!)

Watch for matching bookmarks to be listed soon!

P.S. There is really no jello or cherries on these posters - those are watermarks for preview purposes - - I wouldn't want anyone to think we are so vain as to think a virtuous girl needs jello across her noggin.

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